MAKE&SHINE Glamour Hair 1 Litre

MAKE&SHINE Glamour Hair 1 Litre


MAKE&SHINE Glamour Hair 1 Litre…

Glamour hair keratin is 100% formaldehyde-free and transforms the most rebellious hair into natural straight, perfect and frizz-free.  which are reconstructive properties and also act as moisturizers while smoothing. Provides long-lasting and quality result for a perfect smoothing, with shine and smoothness.

Anyone looking to make a glamour hair keratin brush is always looking for a lasting and quality result. That’s why we present some other differentials.


100% natural and perfect smooth
Formaldehyde free (formaldehyde free)
Easy application
no burning

* Have quaternezed oils complex composed of special oils, It has good permeation through membranes and capillary fibers, and promotes the balance of intra and inter lubrication of capillary fibers. It acts as an active ingredient in the cuticle and hair fiber cortex.

Glamor hair keratin has a total Brazilian formula and made in Australia, created by a brazilian hairdresser in love with straightening and total chemist competence.

Glamor Hair Keratin Was Made For Professional Hairdresser.



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